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Sunday June 24, 2018
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Nicole Lee Designer Handbags For Any Occasion
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Amber Floral Eyelet Shoulder Bag / Sample Sale Over Half Off!!
Nicole Lee Sample Sale Countdown!
Shop in Style with a Nicole Lee Handbag
Gifts For Mom
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I like this design and the artworks of Boston purse very much. And the size is perfect for me. It's roomy and lightweight.

Rebecca G.
Loved it everything its should be I will be ordering again from this vender. Communication with them is great 5 starts all the way

I wanted a purse different from anything else and, with a picture or scene. Nicole Lee's bags are absolutely beautiful, made with quality material, true to color and picture shown on site. I own several coach bags and, this bag is by far my favorite. I would recommend these bags. It is a nice size. I also, as the other lady said, usually use smaller purses but, this one is not over whelming.

I love purses with scenes and rhinestones on them. I usually have small purses, so I am trying to go bigger. This was a nice size, not to overwhelming. Nice and sturdy. I have had nothing but complements on this since I got it.

Stand out. Not going to see this bag at every corner. I bought the matching rolling laptop bag. You will get compliments on it all day!

Michele DePaul
This purse is not only comfortable on your shoulder, but also very stylish. If you like coffee, then this is the perfect purse for you because of the design. Colors are great and will match anything in your closet. Nice that it has a removable shoulder strap so you can also wear it as a crossbody - nice and roomy, too

"GORGEOUS!!!! bag absolutely beautiful bag, well made love it wish there were more colors I bought the blue and rust they are awesome!!!!"

The bag is colorful, cute and whimsical. Would recommend to a friend.

I liked this bag online, but when i got it i was really surprised. Good quality and style, i can wear it with almost everything i want.

"Love this bag - purchased black. The size and weight of the bag are more than perfect for my November trip to Punta Cana."

"Love, love, love this "Carrie Bradshaw would carry" bag. It's a "cutesie"! Fun to carry. It's an attention getter. Just what the doctor ordered."
"Another "Carrie Bradshaw would carry" bag! A definite "Yes." It's a keeper too!"

"Beautiful colors, not a bright orange, but a nice burnt orange, only drawback is no dividing compartments inside, only small zipper pocket on interior, but very rich looking and comfortable size."

Karyn Grasse
Please don't stop making the vintage print luggage! It is absolutely fabulous, people ask me about my rolling tote all the time, and where they can get one. I show them the label. I hope you continue to make more of the luggage styles, they are SUPER useful! The vintage prints are wonderful!

Amanda Eskelson
I love Nicole Lee handbags and wallets. I had a wallet for almost four years now and it needs to be replaced. By far the best wallet I have ever owned. I am sad that I have to replace it, but I am excited to get a new Nicole Lee wallet!! Keep up the great work!

I just wanted to tell you that I received the KENZIE TRIBAL TOTE (yellow) yesterday. Delivery was very quick.
Also and most importantly, I want to compliment you and the most unique, strong and well made design tote bag and affordable. The colors are amazing and the choice of mixing up the different types of the fabric to create that style of tote - The design, use of different fabric was equal to name of the tote and to the tote 'style' bag. Your designer out did him/herself on this one.
When I took it out of the box, a friend of mine was with me. 1st she couldn't believe all the wrapping paper that was on the tote, but I told her that NL does this with all her purchased handbags. She ensures that all metals (decoration/accents) are not damaged. 2nd - After I took off all the paper, she was taken back - at all it. She especially 'tuned' into the 'V' metal design on the zipper pull tabs. I told what the tote was named and even she said "The design was so appropriate to the name and vise versa".
She had not heard of you, until last night. She knows who Nicole Lee is now.
Thanks for making such an impressable tote bag. The 'V' shape pull tabs - did me in. I was very impressed!
Thought I should let you know.

Marion Hodenius (Tilburg, Netherland)
My beautiful NL bag with stars&studs just arrived for my B-day!! Awesome!! Love the style!! Thanxxx

MaryLou Lindsey
I just placed an online order. Am I entered in the Mystery Box giveaway? How will I know if I win? I hope I win! Just Love Nicole Lee products!

Nicole Dalhuisen
Please rush if possible. I've been searching for the perfect fall purse and I'm so excited to receive this. I got turned on to your designs by Target but they only have a few. Simply lovely!! TY! P2846-EG & P5024-EG

Jessica Acevedo Mas
I already have the one on the left and its beautiful and big enough to put almost everything..I love it.

I just wanted to tell you that I received my sachel (GRN Sequin Flower print) and it is gorgeous!!, but I want to thank you for the key chain gift you added. That has got to be the cutest beaded key chain I have ever seen. That is going to get alot of use.

Susan Hammond
Hi, I saw your bags on-line, there beautiful. I am in Ontario, Canada and was wondering if you had any information on duty costs or how they decide how much to charge. Thank you for your time.


Darlene Dunn
Last week I purchased 2 of your bowler handbags when they debute on The Shopping Channel - the green multi (love the pockets on the each end) and Blockbuster studded bowler in beige.
I have to tell you how impressed I am with those handbags. Fantastic 13"L , durable and the hardware that you put on them - truly amazing and lots of it!! and price is perfect! Finally, a designer looking handbag that I can afford and show-off and SO SO different from the regular one color handbags that I see from other brands on the TSC and in the store.
I love the fact that you stepped out and created multi-colored and textured handbag. There is no doubt (now that I own 2) that they are made for the forward fashioned women who wants and is not afraid of standing out in a crowd. I sew and sometimes I make my own handbags and one thing I always do, is put hardware on them from rings to chains.
All I can say is that the handbags are EXCEPTIONALLY WELL DONE on the design, hardware and color of the handbags.
With that being said, I had every intention of writing a review on the handbags on the TSC website, but they sold out on the day they came to air and not one has been returned as of this date. That rarely happens. That tells me you should have brought more to the TSC.
PS. Because of my 1st purchase of your line, I went to your website and purchased 2 more - Item # 2444 - blue and orange.
Thanks Sincerely, Darlene Dunn, C.E.T.

I just read about sample sale. I really really would like to have a Bega vacation sample tote, brick is my favorite, but also other colors would be fine...I'm from Germany and discovered yesterday your wonderful amazing..
Best wishes and thanks+++

My first "NicoleLee" bag! Love it! I was shopping at "Winners" and saw a few "NicoleLee"hangbags. I love them all because of the colour, design and quality. I finally picked purpole Model No.WP1535. Love it! Great work of art!

Tayelor T. Barrett
I absolutely fell in love at first sight with your Black Kiss Lock Floral Tote!! And yes I get so many compliments about the bag. I feel so empowered, sensual and beautiful carring this tote as a 52 yr. old mom and grandmother.

Karmen Voeller
Hello...several years ago I purchased a Nicole Lee Bejeweled Bowler bag in grey. I love this bag! It has been the most wonderful purse and I receive so many compliments on it still! I am always talking up Nicole Lee! So thank you for such an incredible, attractive, long lasting design! I am desperate to find the same bag since I love it so much! Anywhere you can direct me in my search? Thanks again!

Cheryl Newland
I love, love, love your purses! I've bought several styles and I always get compliments! Keep up the good work!

Maggie Anderson
My name is Maggie Anderson and I live in Daphne, Al and I just wanted to finally send you this e-mail and say how much I love my handbag (Nicole Lee, of course!). I know that sounds stupid and simple, but, to give a brief history, I never had super nice things growing up and when I graduated high school and joined the navy I started using my money to buy stylish cute clothes and bags to fit in. However, I realized that I was just buying what I thought was stylish based on what labels society says it is important for a "stylish person" to have. Anyways, after getting out of the navy and preparing to go to college I saw the cutest bag at TJ Maxx and bought it right on the spot (even thought I was there just for a clothes hamper and a rack for all those other bags.) Well, It was a blue bag with 3D flowers on it mage out of zippers. Nicole Lee, duh!!! You know what, though? I have never worn that out of the house without at least one compliment. I mean EVERYWHERE I go, even at the bookstore about 15 minutes before writing this very e-mail. And I tell them all confidentally and proudly how I, too, love my Nicole Lee. And, like any girl who doesn't want to appear unhip or out of the loop, they never say they haven't heard of it. It's kindof like I was 5 years ago never willing to admit I had never heard of Coach! So there you have it. I am spreading the word because I love how it feels to get compliments on a bag that I saw no one carrying before me. ( though this is little Daphne and I am sure they are very popular because there is no way they couldn't be!) So one day when I make a lot of money I want to buy every bag you can make! Thanks!!

Janice Metzger
My daughter purchased a purse last year at Mohegan Sun in Wilkes Barre, Pa. It is almost an emerald green color with a pattern similar to your one listed on your sight P9348. It has 5 flowers that seem to be made of zippers as the P9348 flower design. It is her absolute favorite purse but she has used it so much that the straps are worn. Is there anyway we can purchase replacement straps for it. I cannot tell you the compliments she has gotten on this purse. Everyone loves it, especially her. Thank you for your time.

Aly Heard
My name is Aly Heard. This is not typical of me, but I just had to write and tell you how much I LOVE my new Nicole bag. I had been searching for just the right "everyday" bag for what feels like forever I live in New York City, so one would assume that this task would be a since. However, it wasn't, all the bags I found just fell flat. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I was in Atlanta for my brother's wedding. I went to my Mother's beauty shop for a quick up-do before the ceremony and that's when I saw it. The bag I had been waiting for. It's gorgeous. I'm not sure what model it is, but it's in your leather collection with red straps... however mine is orange. I purchased it without a second thought and from that moment on the compliment's on the bag have not stopped. Almost everywhere I go a woman I don't know will come up to me and either admire the bag or ask me where I got it (and that say's a lot since I do live in New York). Just last night a police woman in full uniform stopped me, STOPPED ME, and asked me where I purchased my "cute purse". Walking away, I couldn't help but smile. It's funny what bring's New Yorker's and women together. Anyway keep up the good work, and thanks for the awesome bag !!

Alexis Jarrett
The slide show is fabulous!!! Great new designs! You are so talented and I am so happy for your success. Keep up the great work! I love your products.

Selena Roberts
Hello I am a registered Dealer in San Diego. I see your Fall/Winter 09 bags and I would like to order some but I don’t see any available on the on-line shopping. I log in as a Dealer but the selection does not appear to be the same as on your site. Any assistance would be appreciated. I have to say that I have had great success selling your handbags. They are very well made and have been a very popular item in my store. I am particularly interested in the Suede collection. Thank you

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