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NL Rewards is a rewards program for our loyal customers who loves to shop, especially Nicole Lee.

Save on every purchase and reward yourself more with Nicole Lee purchase.

Earn 5% in NL Rewards cash points on every purchase. Details

Receive addtional perks during special events.
Current Deals.

Redeem your NL Rewards cash points to save even more on your next NL eStore purchases.

to earn extra NL Rewards cash points.

NL Rewards cash points are earned 24/7 365 days out of the year.


For limited time, when you join NL Rewards program, receive 250 reward points for your next purchase!


NL Rewards Program Standard Benefits "Non-eDealers"

• NL Rewards


 Rewards status is earned when you simply upgrade or join the NL Rewards program.

 Earn 250 bonus NL Rewards cash points just by signing up for the program (limited time    only).

 Earn 5 Reward cash points for every $1 you spend.

 Earned NL Rewards cash points are redeemable when you reach 500 NL Rewards cash  points.

Refer a friend and earn up to 5 NL Rewards Program cash points