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About Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee was established in 2004 by Samuel Lee and designer Suzy Han. Dedicated to a vision of style that is equally playful and unforgettable, the LA-based powerhouse takes great pride in creating one-of-a-kind handbags and accessories that push the envelope on unparalleled design. Nicole Lee is anything but shy with its eye-catching colors, couture-like details and exceptional craftsmanship.

Nicole Lee is proud to celebrate all cultural histories and backgrounds around the world. Every collection is thoughtfully curated with designs that transcend fashion to inspire confidence in every woman. Stores can be found in some of the most prestigious cities in the world, including London, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Madrid and many more.

Our Brands

Nicole Lee

One-of-a-kind designs for the fearless woman who loves eye-catching colors, couture-like details, and exceptional craftsmanship. 

Nikky by Nicole Lee

Unapologetically unique and youthful in spirit, Nikky is the junior division and sister line of Nicole Lee.

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