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Career Woman

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As a woman who's immensely passionate and proud of my career as a designer, I’m here to celebrate all the girl bosses of the world. I am so grateful that I get to do what I love everyday and call it a career. Some call it a job, I call it a lifelong career. Having worked in cities from all over the world throughout my life, I know how competitive and difficult it can be balancing work and life while staying motivated and resilient. With this contrasting design, I wanted to rightfully highlight all of the hardworking career women of the world by making the woman the center of attention. This sophisticated career woman is vibrantly colored and centered as the focal point against the monochromatic black and white city landscape so she can dazzle and impress, just like you.



Cozy Street In Milan 

Copyright © 2021 Nicole Lee USA. All images are trademark property of Nicole Lee Inc. 
The energy of Rome is both electrifying and relaxing. Whenever I have the pleasure of visiting Rome, I love strolling through the winding cobblestone streets and taking inspiration from my surroundings without an itinerary to follow. Getting Sunday brunch with my best friends is a must. We get fresh gelato after almost every meal and ride a bike to visit the historic sites and take in the relaxing scenery. I still remember visiting one hot summer June day when the sun was perfectly sunny and cheerful music filled the air from the balconies. The sun was just about to set and I will always remember how peaceful the ambiance was. In a lot of ways, it feels nostalgic, as if I’ve lived there before and feels like a home away from home. This playful design takes inspiration from this feeling of comfort and excitement when exploring the Milan streets with pops of bright colors and an idyllic scenery.



Memory Of Rome

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Even though it has been some time since I’ve gone to Rome, it continues to be one of my favorite places. My memories of Rome are beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and everything in between. From the breathtaking historic sites to the extraordinary architecture, it’s no surprise that Rome is immortalized as the “Eternal City”. Romance is everywhere and I adore seeing all the passionate couples dancing the night away. Whenever I visit and have some time alone, I love taking midnight walks and visiting the beautiful fountains so I can make a wish. It’s a special tradition of mine and I hope to one day take my family with me so we can make a wish together and continue the tradition for generations. Compared to the other prints in this collection, Memory of Rome embodies a more romantic and vintage feel with its deeper-toned hues and antique motifs.



Together We Stand

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No matter who you are and what your background may be, I’m a firm believer that we should all respect each other equally and stand together. Nicole Lee is an international brand, recognized and loved by people all over the world. My intention with this design was to reimagine the definition of unity through a trifecta of modern women representing Faith, Hope, and Love. All three women express unique and distinct styles while also evoking a harmonious feeling of solidarity. A lavish garland of flowers adds softness and femininity against the more understated and minimalist background so the women can radiate as the focal point of the design. As an international brand, I hope we can continue standing together from all over the world.




Journey Of Stephanie

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If I could describe myself in one word it would be a world traveler. There’s nothing more exciting than embarking on a journey with the promises of unimaginable experiences and unforgettable memories to come. One of the many gems in life is being able to experience and learn about new cultures and meet new people around the world. If you’re like me, your vision board is covered with captivating pictures of sights and places to visit and check off your bucket list. No matter where I go, I always have to bring my furry best friend, Luna, with me. She never leaves my side but particularly enjoys visiting new places and meeting new people even more than I do. This jetsetter named Stephanie is symbolic of this unrelenting wanderlust with your best friend by your side.



Dream Of All Colors

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Dreamcatchers have always resonated with me. From its circular shape resembling the circle of life to the universally loved symbol and message of protection and positive manifestation, dreamcatchers are reminiscent of a free spirit which I always strive to be in life. I believe there’s no such thing as having too many dreams in life. Always remember to chase your dreams like I have, no matter how small they may be. You may surprise yourself by how successful you can be with anything you put your mind and heart towards. The process can feel so liberating and empowering regardless of the end result. Adding a touch of femininity and bohemian romanticism through colors, florals, and patterns has been a signature of mine. This design is no exception with its delicate, lace-like detailing and colorful flowers and feathers to accent the stark black backdrop.



Small World

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The world can feel immeasurably vast but also small. Throughout my life, my family and friends have always made my world and life feel more intimate and meaningful. It’s all about perspective. Featuring a simplistic pattern in black or brown, the three women are delicately size and busting with color for maximum impact against the sophisticated and subdued circle pattern design.